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Public APIs Galore

Here is a completely non-authoritative non-official not-necessarily-most-up-to-date-but-I-try list of Public API endpoints I have found over the years that are good for learning, experimenting, and testing… Most of them do not require you to sign up for an API Key. Some links go directly to the APIs for results, some go to their documentation. Feel free to drop me an email or tweet to let me know of some change I should make to the below. These things, being free for one and all, come and go faster than I notice so YMMV.

My MOST Valuable (Not Beginner) Testing APIs

These require particular request arguments or temporary signup. Beginners - go to the next section.

Simple GET Testing

Super Simple

Simple Text-JSON responses…

More… “Robust” Data Sources

Even More Complex Data Requests + “Big Boy” Custom Schema Tools…

GraphQL Servers

Image Filler Libraries Galore

These APIs return images of various formats/sizes/specifications depending on the requests sent. They are constantly coming and going - (pour one out for 😢) so, yaknow yaknow…

Generic Wireframe Filler Images

Useful, but not fun…you can specify sizes, colors, even text-content. It’s like a single call to return an image of a made up custom <div>

Random Images

Fun Random Image Libraries

Public Sites Explicitly for DATA\Web SCRAPING:

For practicing scraping and getting data with libraries like puppeteer, etc…

‘Local’ Random-Data Libraries

I’m including to this list that you can use local node-packages/libraries to generate fake data if you need it - Take a look at the following:

Random Random Stuff…

Other Lists of APIs:

Don’t worry - these are just as bad as mine 😇…